Friday, February 27, 2009

1549. A cane stripper from 1867, for stripping and cutting sorghum and other sugar cane, patent number 61,940:

Thanks to Ron White, Chairman of the Mid-West Tool Collectors "What's It?" Committee for the patent information.

1550. This was marked "wire braider", used to wrap wire around a core:

1551. Test drums for ophthalmic scalpels, still in use by eye doctors around 1965. Made by stretching a piece of kidskin taut on a drum, the scalpel was sharp enough if it cut the fibers under its own weight. This was from before the days of single-use surgical instruments; the scalpels were sharpened and sterilized before procedures.

Submitted by a visitor

1552. A Golden cane mill, the one in these photos is being used to make sorghum molasses:

Larger image

Larger image

1553. A Futaba FP-T 2F Tamiya 2 channel radio control, not sure if it's for a plane, boat, or car:

1554. A pedometer for use by a golfer:

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